Who We Are

The People Behind Acacia

Sophie and Charli are two friends who have both experienced eating difficulties and distorted body perceptions. They both had separate journeys with many commonalities. Having both experienced difficulties with eating and also experiencing difficulties with getting appropriate help, they both felt that there was distinct need for help at all stages of eating and body perception difficulties. They both understand what it is like to be told that they “weren’t sick enough”, including realising there was a need for better education into mental health issues for a variety of sectors. Whilst there was definitely supportive professionals and resources that did help their journey they, and many others can and have been let down by a lack of support at some stage of their journey. Sophie and Charli are therefore strong believers in early interventions, ongoing support and recovery support (whatever form recovery may take), increasing awareness, and  increasing support for loved ones to best tackle eating and perceptual problems.

View on Diagnoses

From their journey, they both noticed that there was a lack of understanding about eating difficulties from a variety of settings and that sitting into a clinical diagnosis was a priority for a system that was under strain due to the demand for help. This seemed to be one of  the challenges in reaching out for help, as eating difficulties are rarely about food itself but a behavioural manifestation of a complex issue. This is one of the reasons that Acacia Dreams does not focus clinical diagnoses because, whilst some people may find a diagnosis helpful, they found that not quite fitting in or multiple changes in diagnoses were unhelpful, confusing and in some case furthered their difficulties.

A Shared Dream

It has been their shared dream for many years to support those who are going on similar journeys and thus began Acacia Dreams.  Their focus with Acacia Dreams is to make it inclusive, friendly and supportive of whatever stage people are currently at in their journey. Sophie and Charli are both trained active listeners and have a passion for supporting people. Their hope for the future is to provide wellness-driven and tailored help to those that use Acacia Dreams.


Charli & Sophie