Eating Disorders Awareness Week : Time To Talk About Men

Men & Eating Disorders With the ice skating Olympian Adam Rippon bravely opening up about his struggles with anorexia earlier this month and it being eating disorders awareness week, there is no greater time to talk about men and eating disorders. The majority of literature surrounding eating disorders for a long time (and some still to this day) has been… Read more →

EDAW: Exercise

Continuing with Eating Disorders Awareness Week we are focusing on exercise. Exercise can be tricky for many people and it often comes wrapped up with feelings like guilt (for doing too much or too little) or failure (for not doing enough). Exercise can also seem inextricably linked with eating and body image struggles. However, we want to re-frame exercise in… Read more →

A little help for the new year…

We hope you had a lovely Christmas this year and hopefully our tips helped you a little a bit. Tonight brings in the new year, whether you are with friends, family, partners, animals or spending the night in your own company, 2018 is calling. New Years  is a time when we re-evaluate our year and look to make changes to better… Read more →

‘Tis The Season for Love & Understanding

With Christmas and the new year vastly approaching most people are in the mood to celebrate and enjoy the festivities. Christmas is a time where families and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company and to celebrate the festivities with a Christmas meal. Christmas is also a time where escaping from food whether it be from advertising, Christmas parties… Read more →

Coping with Christmas when you struggle with food

Christmas can be triggering when you struggle with food or body image; it’s a holiday which puts heavy emphasis on spending time with family, eating food and drinking alcohol.   It might be tough thinking of Christmas and the challenges that you will face but in asking yourself what you might struggle with you can take control of the situation… Read more →