Our Mission

Our Mission in a Nutshell

Our mission is to provide a safe place for people who have difficulties with food, shape or weight. We do not discriminate based on age, gender or social status.



A Supportive Space


Mission of a Supportive Space for EveryoneAcacia Dreams is founded by two friends who have had personal experiences with eating difficulties.  Through their journey there were many ups and downs, but their companionship, understanding, conversations, creativity, tea and laughter made their journey a little bit easier. It is Acacia Dreams’ goal to help provide that within our community. Acacia Dreams does not focus on a having a clinical diagnosis or being within a certain weight range; we will treat everyone in exactly the same manner! Whether you are currently struggling, focusing on recovering or looking for insight into a struggle that your loved one is facing; you are welcome.


A Supportive Network


Mission Support Network

Many people struggle with getting help at the earlier stages of eating and body image difficulties for a variety of reasons. Although there is a consensus that early help, intervention and support increase the likelihood of recovery. Whilst people can struggle with getting help throughout their journey there is also a distinct need for support when people are in the recovery stage of an eating disorder, with the relapse rate being exceptionally high in eating difficulties, this is a serious problem.

We aim to help people explore the options available to them at every stage of their journey. With a focus on Hampshire support networks and services. We want to let people know that there are numerous avenues that people can take to getting the right support for them. Something that clicks with one person doesn’t necessarily click with another. As a result, at the forefront of signposting people to different options, we respect that everyone has a unique and personal journey.