EDAW: Exercise

Continuing with Eating Disorders Awareness Week we are focusing on exercise.

Exercise can be tricky for many people and it often comes wrapped up with feelings like guilt (for doing too much or too little) or failure (for not doing enough).

Exercise can also seem inextricably linked with eating and body image struggles. However, we want to re-frame exercise in a more positive way as it can be a great healer.

Here are some positive thoughts. Exercise:

  • Can soothe your mind;
  • Is a way to alleviate low moods;
  • Does not have to hurt;
  • Can be gentle;
  • Can help build trust in how strong your body is;
  • Is a way to show love to yourself;
  • Is not a punishment;
  • Can be fun;
  • Is a way to get to know your body;
  • Does not have to be done every day;
  • Needs are not the same for everyone;
  • Is good as a solo or group activity;
  • (or lack of it) does not define you.


Want to try some exercise with this more positive frame of mind? It may be helpful to try low impact, mindful exercises such as swimming or yoga. Keep in mind why you are doing the exercise: as a self care behaviour.


Exercise doesn’t have to be used as a weapon, it can (and should) be used as a way to look after ourselves.


If you would like more information or support with issues surrounding exercise, food or body image please contact us.

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