A little help for the new year…

We hope you had a lovely Christmas this year and hopefully our tips helped you a little a bit. Tonight brings in the new year, whether you are with friends, family, partners, animals or spending the night in your own company, 2018 is calling. New Years  is a time when we re-evaluate our year and look to make changes to better ourselves in the new one. Around this time there is a wave of pressure, whether you struggle with food or your body image or not, to eat better, look better, exercise more, get healthier the list goes on. This resolution season however, can be more detrimental to your health rather than benefiting you.

This time can be triggering for people with eating difficulties and body perception difficulties due to the internet, television and magazine advertisements promoting weight loss and gym memberships because marketing companies know that this is a time when people will invest in these kinds of programmes. So whilst it may be difficult, be mindful of talk of fad diets and gym memberships etc. around people that may be struggling. If you yourself are thinking about about making changes that could affect your health it is best to consult your GP or a dietitian to support you in making healthy sustainable changes.

Now New Year’s resolutions aren’t necessarily a bad thing but this is highly dependant on the goals you’ve set yourself. Around 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail and the biggest reason for this is because we set really big goals that aren’t achievable.  I’m sure you’ll be able to think of a few such examples. Starting off 2018 with resolutions that are extremely difficult to keep to can cause deeper emotional problems; like feeling like a failure. It’s very easy to make big statements as to what you want to happen in 2018 but remember to be kind to yourself too. Break your goals down into smaller, more attainable chunks that you can manage. If you are wanting to be healthier in the new year there are many ways in order to achieve this. Break “Healthy” down into different categories for example social, mental and physical health, with mini goals for each. You could try to do all the mini goals or have focuses for each week, whatever is manageable for you.


  1. Try a new hobby or club
  2. Meet up with an old friend
  3. Try some voluntary work


  1. Try some mindfulness techniques
  2. Give yourself a positive affirmation each day
  3. Do something you love to do at least once a week
  4. Build a self-care toolbox.


  1. Exercise in ways that feel good- it may be a dance, Pilates, martial arts.
  2. Take time to go see a doctor if there’s something concerning you.
  3. Try for a good nights sleep.

If you can’t keep to your resolutions that’s okay, make allowances for yourself. To end, watch this fabulous girl giving her take on new years resolutions in a brilliant video.

From us at Acacia Dreams, Happy New Year!


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